Rinnai Infinity A Series 16 - External Continuous Gas Flow Heaters




Rinnai Infinity 16 - External

The Rinnai Infinity is synonymous with HOTWATER Hot Water options for todays home.

Only pay for the hot water you use
Save space by not needing a hot water cupboard
Never run out of hot water
Energy efficient

The Rinnai INFINITY® VT is a HOTWATER flow gas hot water system for external domestic applications. This type of hot water system produces endless hot water, and is a energy efficient water heating system, because it's only on when you need hot water.

The all-new Rinnai INFINITY® VT range has an improved minimum start-up flow rate, saving on water, and ensuring your Rinnai INFINITY® is future proofed for water efficient tapware.

Suitable for:
• external domestic applications
• mains and medium pressure systems
• solar installations as a gas boost

VT16 or VT20
• low hot water demand applications (small apartments or homes)
• low simultaneous hot water demand applications (homes with 1-2 bathrooms).

Type: External only
Sizes: 16L - 26L
Max pressure:
Max star rating: 6.2
Efficiency: 80%
Savings over electric on NG: 50%
Savings over electric on LPG: 15%
Warranty: 10 years pro rata on heat exch, 3 years parts

Rinnai Infinity 16 - From $1,394.00 Incl. gst
Rinnai Infinity 20 - From $1,580.00 Incl. gst
Rinnai Infinity 24 - From $1,1768.00 Incl. gst
Rinnai Infinity 26 - From $1,1852.00 Incl. gst


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