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Waikato Septic & Wastewater Systems

Your Local & Reliable Septic System Experts

Pratts - Trusted Wastewater & Septic Experts

Pratts have been providing Septic Treatment Solutions to Waikato and King Country residents for decades. Our in-house team of designers, technicians and drain-layers are highly experienced and ensure work is completed to the highest possible standard of workmanship.

We are supported by key brand partners and only use best quality products for our customers projects. 

Our Septic Services

Pratts is proud to offer a range of septic solutions all under one roof.

Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Advanced Treatment Systems

Design, supply, and installation of improved wastewater treatment systems to ensure cleaner water output and compliance with environmental standards.

Septic System Repairs

Providing solutions for malfunctioning or failing septic systems which may include repairs, replacements, or upgrades to restore proper functionality

Concrete Septic Tanks

Supply and installation of new concrete septic tanks that are durable and designed to last for many years, ensuring reliable wastewater management.

Effluent and Drainage Management

Effluent Disposal

Safe and environmentally friendly disposal of liquid waste or effluent, adhering to local regulations and standards to prevent environmental contamination

Dripper Line Upgrades

Upgrading dripper lines to ensure efficient distribution and disposal of treated water, reducing clogs and ensuring a steady flow of water.

Drain Clearing

Utilising jetting technology to clear blockages in drains, pipes, and sewer systems to maintain a clear flow within the drainage system and prevent backups.

Permit and Council Liaison Services

Permit Assistance

Helping with the process of obtaining necessary permits for wastewater management projects, ensuring all paperwork is correctly filled out and submitted.

Council Interface

Liaising with local councils to ensure compliance with all regulations and requirements, facilitating smoother project approvals and operations.

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