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Econotreat VBB-C-2200



Econotreat VBB-C-2200  Advanced Secondary Treatment 2200L per day

Manufactured in Northland, the Econotreat is a leader in it’s class. Running off a single blower, the Econotreat delivers consistently high results ; while drawing consistently low amounts of power, only 1.3kwh per day.

Why Econotreat? 

National Certification: The Econotreat has proven performance at the National Testing Facility. Enjoy the peace of mind, knowing that your system will perform effectively for years to come.
Modular System: The system is broken down into two smaller components rather than a single large one. This allows greater flexibility around the installation, and the use of smaller machinery. It also allows for different configurations, depending on what the client is needing to work around.
Better for Irrigation: Econotreat systems deliver consistently effective treatment, this reduces the amount of contaminants entering your irrigation system; increasing it’s lifespan significantly, and saving you from future replacement costs.

The Treatment Process

Primary Chamber / Tank

Influent enters the chamber via the source whereby scum and solids capable of settling are separated from the raw influent. Primary treated effluent flows through a transfer port to the aeration tank. This primary tank will also act as a storage chamber for sludge returned from the Clarification Chamber.

Aeration Chamber

Water enters from the Primary Chamber. Air is introduced into this chamber via an air blower to create an environment for aerobic bacteria and other helpful organisms to consume the organic matter present. The aeration tank is designed in a manner to help prevent short circuiting of the wastewater to ensure extended aeration. Media is present in the tank to support the growth of bacteria.

Clarification Chamber

The Clarification chamber is essentially a quiescent zone where suspended particles/solids are settled out of the water. These particles are returned to the Primary chambers via a sludge return which aids in further biological reduction, denitrification and providing a constant food supply rich in microbes supporting the system through periods of limited flows.

Tanks are made of 50mpa Fiber Reinforced Concrete, which is suitable material for wastewater treatment containment meeting all the requirements of Section 4.3.3 of AS/NZS 1547:2012. These tanks have an expected lifespan of 50 years.

Dual Chamber Septic Tank

  • 5200L Nominal Capacity
  • 2500mm Long
  • 1700mm Wide
  • 1975mm High

Aeration Tank

  • 5200L Nominal Capacity
  • 2500mm Long
  • 1700mm Wide
  • 1975mm High 

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