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Natural Flow F11000 Secondary Treatment System

Natural Flow


NF11000 Secondary Treatment System 1600L per day

Waterflow is the proud manufacturer of the Naturalflow wastewater systems. These are the leading vermiculture system in New Zealand. Providing passive breakdown and treatment of waste, the NaturalFlow systems have a completely power-free treatment process. These systems operate quietly and don’t require ongoing septic pump outs.Made from roto-moulded plastic modules, the system is light and easily installed with lighter machinery. Making it great for those sites with challenging terrain. By utilising aerobic bacteria throughout the treatment process, we have made it possible to have a passive and odourless system.

The NF11000 system is a 3 module combination, capable of treating a total daily flow volume of 1600 litres to ‘Secondary’ treatment level. It can discharge via LPED or PCDI – surface or subsurface laid, ETS bed, soakage bed, conventional trenches, mounds, sand trenches and arches. Commonly used for 3 – 8 bedroom houses sleep-outs, baches, recreational and transportable dwellings, farm accommodation or rural commercial facilities with up to 40 day staff, schools, marae, camp grounds, holiday homes, motels, golf clubs, café’s, stables or other animal facilities…

The Treatment Process

The NaturalFlow Series NF11000 System comprises of a 1.8m diameter x 1.7m high WORMORATOR® module where the black water (B/W), (which in the NaturalFlow System includes the kitchen sink waste) in order to remove the solids, is directed onto a bed of natural medium lined with a textile cloth which is designed to retain maximum solids. These residual solids are seeded with tiger worms which proceed, as results of long term testing have shown,
to digest them reducing the volume by approximately 95%, leaving only residual vermicasts which are virtually free of harmful bacteria and other pollutants. The B/W then flows through a secondary filter tray which further treats the water reducing the TSS & BOD and also reducing the particle size, in the TSS, to less than 1mm. This secondary treatment tray acts as an in-built outlet filter AS/NZS 1546 1:2008 Clause D3.3. and has a minimum life expectancy of 15 years. It then flows into the Dose Treatment Chamber where it is combined with the grey water (G/W) and settlement and filtration takes place. Its final treatment, through an aerating matrix filter, brings its treatment level up to meet the 20/30 BOD/TSS, Secondary Treatment criteria and it is then
reintroduced into the environment in accordance with AS/NZS 1547:2012 and the relevant local authorities’ requirements.

The G/W, which is separated at its source from the B/W, flows first into the Grey Water Treatment Tank that retains the bulk of the scum and solids and then trickle filters through an aerating matrix filter and layers of natural media. It is then combined with the B/W in the Wormorator® Chamber for disposal in accordance with AS/NZS 1547:2012 This filter chamber has a buffering capacity of 1000ltrs to contain any surge flows.

The size and extent of the disposal system is determined by the receiving environment and the expected flow
volumes. Factors such as soil types, slope and the proximity of potentially sensitive environments such as creeks, wells, bores and other water ways determine the extent, location and type of disposal system chosen.

The Wormorator® and associated dose tank has a 2000ltr reserve capacity where pump loading is necessary to allow for 24hrs emergency storage should a pump fail. The operating capacity of the NaturalFlow Series NF11000 Treatment System is 1600ltrs per day of combined Black and Grey water.
Because the Wormorator® is a dry vault system there is negligible sludge build up so it does not require any regular de-sludging. This specifically meets clause AS/NZS 1547:2012 as to de-sludging requirements.


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