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Pyro Mini Package SAVE UP TO $448!




Pyro Mini Package - SAVE UP TO $448

Pyro Mini: the small wood fire with massive heat storage to keep your home warmer for longer.
Pyro Mini’s ceramic chamber, the Heat Sustainer, stores more heat than any other conventional wood fire through a slow and even release of its heat over an extended time.
*In 2022 Pyroclassic rebranded to Pyro Fires. Pyroclassic Mini is now simply Pyro Mini.

Reduce your heating costs – compared to a conventional fire’s steel firebox, the Pyro Mini’s ceramic chamber will burn less wood to maintain its temperature.
A healthier home – the slow and even release of heat from the Heat Sustainer (even after the actual fire has burned down) can fight one of the leading causes of dampness – cold rooms.

Pyro Mini Package Contains:

  1. Pyro Wood Fire 100+ Colour Variations to choose from.
  2. Pyro Woodbin: 4 options to choose from.*
  3. Pyro Wall Protection 4 options to choose from.**
  4. Re-usable Firelighters: Firelighting made easy

Step 1: Choose Base Colour 
  • Select a matching base colour for the door, double flue shield, and woodbin/raised bench.
  • Choose from grey or black.

Step 2: Choose Panel Colour

Step 3: Choose a Woodbin
  • Choose a Woodbin or Raised Bench from the following three options. (see images)
  • *Some wood bin options may incur extra charge.

Step 4: Choose Wall Protection 
  • Choose a Wall Screen or Flue Shield from the following three options. (see images) 
  • **Custom-sized wallscreens also available and may incur extra charge.

View some of our Pyro Fire installations Woodfire Gallery

Pyro Mini Package from $4499.00 incl GST 


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