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Pyro Classic Package SAVE UP TO $448!




Pyro Classic Package - SAVE UP TO $448

The Pyro Classic is New Zealand’s cleanest, most efficient wood burning fireplace.
Reduce your heating costs – compared to a conventional fire’s steel firebox, the Pyro Classic’s ceramic chamber will burn less wood to maintain its temperature.

Genuine overnight burn – keep your home warmer for longer.
A healthier home – the gradual and even release of heat from the Heat Sustainer (even after the actual fire has burned down) can fight one of the leading causes of dampness – cold rooms.

Pyro Classic Package Contains:

  1. Pyro Wood Fire 100+ Colour Variations to choose from.
  2. Pyro Woodbin: 4 options to choose from.*
  3. Pyro Wall Protection 4 options to choose from.**
  4. Re-usable Firelighters: Firelighting made easy

Step 1: Choose Base Colour 

  • Select a matching base colour for the door, double flue shield, and woodbin/raised bench.
  • Choose from grey or black.

Step 2: Choose Panel Colour

Step 3: Choose a Woodbin 

  • Choose a Woodbin or Raised Bench from the following three options. (see images)
  • *Some wood bin options may incur extra charge.

Step 4: Choose Wall Protection 

  • Choose a Wall Screen or Flue Shield from the following three options. (see images) 
  • **Custom-sized wallscreens also available and may incur extra charge.

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Pyro Classic Package from $4999.00 incl GST  


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