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Rinnai INFINITY N-Series gas continuous flow water heaters



Rinnai INFINIY N-Series  gas continuous flow water heaters

The Rinnai INFINITY N-Series are condensing* gas continuous flow water heaters designed for commercial applications and high hot water demand residential installations.
Available as an external unit (N56kWe) or an internal unit (N56kWi).


  • Full stainless steel heat exchanger and internal piping
  • Inverted burner → longer service intervals (burner cleaning no longer required)
  • Inbuilt control panel, parameters easily set
  • Pump connectivity, the N-Series can power and control a circulating ring main
  • Inbuilt temperature sensor, unit can run in-series with a circulating ring main
  • Pre-mix burner, no gas pressure setting required → very easy gas-type conversion
  • Daisy-chain electronic connection, very simple (and low cost) electronic connections

Suitable for-

 External commercial and residential applications (N56kWe external model only)- Internal commercial and residential applications (N56kWi internal model only)- Mains and medium pressure systems

  • Hard or acidic water will need to be treated to use this product.
  • They are not suitable as a spa or swimming pool heater
  • They are not suitable for hydronic applications

Operating noise

Some people are susceptible to low level noise. INFINITY units operate at around 50-54 dB(A). This needs to be considered if locating the appliance near a bedroom.

Gas type

Available for Natural Gas or LPG. Specify gas type at the time of purchase.

Hot water capacity

1.5-37 litres per minute. Nominal water capacity is 32 litres per minute at a 25°C rise (1920 L/h)

General clearances for the internal N56kWi

Internal models are designed for indoor installations only. They are a flued appliance. They may be installed in an enclosure if the requirements of AS/NZS 5601.1 are met. An enclosure is defined as a compartment, enclosed area, or partitioned off space primarily used for the installation of the appliance.
For internal units we recommend a 600 mm clearance in front of the unit for servicing access. This can be reduced to 50 mm if installed in a cupboard, refer diagram below.

Download a Brochure Here

Rinnai INFINIY N-Series  gas continuous flow water heaters 


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