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Mitsubishi Electric Plasma Quad Connect - Special Offer

Mitsubishi Electric



Mitsubishi Electric Plasma Quad Connect - Special Offer  *$549.00 Installed! 

Plasma Quad Connect helps improve indoor air quality, which is not only good for a healthier
environment but can provide peace of mind and reassurance for the home, school or office.

Optional high wall accessory, features high-performance two stage plasma technology. Working to clean away smells, dust, mould and other common household allergens, the Plasma Quad Connect advanced filtration system is an ideal addition for asthma and allergy sufferers.

We spend up to 80% of our time inside. As such, good indoor air quality is paramount to our well-being. So how can home owners have the peace of mind they can breathe cleaner, healthier air all year round? With Plasma Quad Connect, occupants can now add advanced filtration to most Mitsubishi Electric indoor models.

Independent test results confirm that the Plasma Quad Connect Filtration System achieves extremely high reduction results in the removal of allergen, mould, bacteria and virus particles in the room. This provides the ultimate peace of mind and ensures a healthier and cleaner living environment.

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How it works 

An Air Cleaning system that uses powerful plasma to filter out even microscopic particles. It works by positively charging particles in stage one which then attracts the positively charged particles to the negatively attractive field around the filter element, helping to clean and purify the air in your home or office

Designed to be installed directly above high wall units, the Plasma Quad Connect is an optional Advanced Air Filtration System, compatible with the following current Mitsubishi Electric Mitsubishi Electric High Wall and Ducted System

High Wall Systems

  • Standard GS Series
  • EcoCore AP Mini, AP Classic, AP Plus Series
  • EcoCore Designer EF Series
  • Large Capacity AS90
  • Large Capacity PKA-M, PKA-RP High Walls
  • Classic GE Series
  • EcoCore GL Series
  • FH, FH HyperCore Series
  • FB, FB HyperCore Series

Dimensions (mm): 168 (w) x 56 (d) x 500 (h)

Special Offer Available until 19th December or until stocks last! 

*$549.00 includes supply and installation of  1 x Mitsubishi Electric Plasma Quad Connect to compatible existing Mitsubishi Electric High Wall Heat Pumps
*terms and conditions apply 

  • offer available to customers within 20km of the nearest Pratts branch
  • sufficient room above the existing high wall 
  • offer subject to stock availability 


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