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Schwan SC60ECH - Chrome




Schwan SC60ECH - Chrome

Never wait for a kettle to boil again. In fact, throw your kettle away. Forget about buying bottled water. Schwan brings a new era of convenience and efficiency into your home with their range of instant steaming hot, or chilled sparkling, filtered drinking water systems.

The Schwan SC60E is the most popular model in the Schwan range, and a great addition to your kitchen providing boiling and ambient Filtered water. Available in Chrome or Matt Black 

so convenient...
Up to 60 cups an hour of steaming hot water, adjustable to 98°C.
High-clearance swivelling spout enables convenient filling of taller vessels.
LED light indicates your hot water temperature status.
Filters are so easy to change: automatic shut-off valve means you simply unscrew your filter to replace—no need to turn off isolating taps, and no drips!

so safe...

Cool-touch spout is safe to touch.
A child-safety button on the hot lever must be depressed before your Schwan SC60E will deliver boiling water, preventing accidental burns and making it safe when children are around.
Non-drip dispenser: providing the temperature is set correctly, your Schwan SC60E tap should not drip, owing to an integral large expansion chamber.
Two separate levers for hot and cold—no risk of accidentally turning a single-lever system the wrong way.

so efficient...
The Schwan SC60E uses less energy than a 40 watt light-bulb—cheaper to run than boiling a jug!
Quality stainless-steel tank means your Schwan SC60E will last.
Insulated tank keeps water hotter for longer.
Your high-quality Schwan 5-micron filter is manufactured in the USA specially for Schwan, for the reduction of sediment, chlorine, taste and odour.
It also includes a phosphate scale inhibitor to reduce the build-up of lime-scale, thus increasing the life of your Schwan SC60E appliance.

Another tap option is the Matte Black finish 

Download the Schwan Range Brochure Here

Capacity: 0-10 people
Model: Schwan SC60E - Instant Hot & Ambient
Size: 300mm h x 200mm w x 240mm d
Power Supply: 10 amp

Schwan SC60E  Models 

  • SC60ECH $1199.00 incl GST (Chrome)
  • SC60EMB $1247.75 INCL GST (Matte Black) 

Also available in the Schwan Range

Schwan SC40E - Instant Boiling Water on tap. The SC40 offers the convenience of boiling filtered water along with a stylish dispenser. Available in Chrome and Matte Black

  • SC40ECH $1199.00 incl GST (Chrome)
  • SC60EMB $1247.75 incl GST (Matte Black) 

Schwan SC52ECH 3-in-1 Versatap Enjoy instant filtered steaming hot and cool filtered drinking water from this stylish full-sized sink mixer. Available in Chrome or Matte Black 

  • SC52ECH $1599.00 incl GST (Chrome) 
  • SC52EMB $TBC

Schwan SC30E Just like the SC40E, the SC30e offers the convenience of boiling filtered drinking water with an alternative dispenser. Available in Chrome and Matte Black

  • SC30ECH $1099.00 incl GST (Chrome)
  • SC30EMB $1164.99 incl GST (Matte Black) 

Schwan SC380 Chilled and Sparking filtered drinking water with a large chilling capacity and unlimited water delivery, the SC80 is ideal for all locations. From hosting dinner parties to cafes and offices. Available in Chrome or Matte Black 

  • SC80CH $3755.90 incl GST (Chrome) 
  • SC80MB $3984.75 incl GST (Matte Black) 

Schwan SC20 The SC20 offers refreshing chilled filtered drinking water. Available in Chrome and Matte Black

  • SC20CH $1690.50 incl GST (Chrome) 
  • SC20MB $1800.00 incl GST (Matte Black) 

These units are recommended for residential use. If installed in commercial premises, they are recommended for a maximum of 6 staff. All Schwan appliances have a 2 year repair or replacement warranty for residential installation. 

Prices are indicative only, please contact us for current pricing


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