*NEW Toshiba Shorai Edge High Wall



*NEW Toshiba Shorai Edge High Wall 

Beautify your interior with a new stylish, contemporary design. With its straight line, matt finish and invisible piping pre-cuts, the new SHORAI Edge fits perfectly with any interior.

Toshiba’s innovative rotary compressor technology combines exemplary performance with outstanding reliability. Minimising fluctuations to ensure a constant temperature, it increases efficiency while significantly reducing the risk of incidental noise. Toshiba’s Inverter allows SHORAI Edge to regulate heating and cooling capacity at all times, by adjusting the compressor speed.

Ultra Pure Filter
PM2.5 purification 94% efficiency
• PM2.5 refers to particulate matters coming from atmospheric pollution that have a diameter of less than 2.5 micrometers.
• Studies have found a close link between exposure to fine particles and lung disease or
worsen chronic disease.
• Toshiba Ultra Pure filter captures up to 94% of PM2.5, creating healthy living spaces at home 


  • Reduces Moisture.
  • Reduces mould formation.
  • Fan will turn off after 30 mins of unit shutdown.

Magic Coil

  • acrylic resin coated
  • Reduces water, oil formation and prevents
  • dust from sticking to the coil of the unit.

3D Airflow

  • Improved comfort by distributing powerful and stable air volume in 6 unique airflow patterns.
  • (RAS-18 to RAS-24)

Available in the following sizes 

2.50 kw Heating, 2.0  kw Cooling 
3.20 kw Heating  2.5  kw Cooling 
3.70 kw Heating  3.5  kw Cooling 
5.40 kw Heating  4.2 kw Cooling 
5.80 kw Heating  5.0 kw Cooling 
6.90 kw Heating  6.0 kw Cooling 
8.00 kw Heating  7.1 kw Cooling 

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