* NEW Toshiba Seiya Heat Pump



NEW Toshiba Seiya Heat Pump 

The newest edition to the Toshiba hi wall range with 10 Models in total from 2.5-11.5kw of Heating and 2.0-10.0kw of Cooling

SEIYA is a cost-effective quiet solution that uses the new Toshiba Inverter and compressor technology with R32 to offer a powerful and efficient heating and cooling performance and year-round comfort. Sleek and smart design in three different sizes, isn’t it a perfect solution for you? Doesn’t matter if it’s your bedroom, office or a big lounge, the new Seiya will be a great addition to any of your spaces. Choose a size for your needs to get the best from your heat-pump. 

Key Features

  • Uses R32 Environmentally friendly Refrigerant
  • Power Supply option to both Indoor or Outdoor
  • Wi-Fi Ready - Control from anywhere by adding optional Wi-Fi Controller
  • 3-D Air Flow - Independent Louvre Control 22-36k Model
  • Infra-Red Controller also Wired connectable
  • 8 Degree and Fire Place Mode
  • Quiet Mode
  • Magic Coil - Aqua Resin Coated Coil for Heathy Fresh Air
  • Self Cleaning - after shut down
  • Power Selection

Download a Brochure Here

Contact us for a free quotation to supply a Toshiba Seiya heat pump Ph 0800-772-887 

Available in the following Models

E2KVG07 - 2.5 kW Heating/2.0kW Cooling 
E2KVG10 - 3.2 kW Heating/2.5kW Cooling
E2KVG13 - 4.0 kW Heating/3.5kW Cooling 
E2KVG16 - 5.4 kW Heating/4.2kW Cooling
E2KVG18 - 5.6 kW Heating/5.0kW Cooling
E2KVG22 - 6.0 kW Heating/6.9kW Cooling 
E2KVG24 - 8.0 kW Heating/7.1kW Cooling
E2KVG30 - 9.0 kW Heating/8.0kW Cooling 
E2KVG34 - 10.0kW Heating/9.0kW Cooling
E2KVG36  - 11.5 kW Heating/10.0kW Cooling


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