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Reflex Pressure Tanks DE Series



Reflex Pressure Tanks DE Series

An energy saving device such as a Reflex Pressure Tank pressure storage cell, stores
energy in the form of pressurised water. The energy is transformed by the pump from electricity
to water pressure. With a Reflex Pressure Tank, there is no loss of energy once it has been stored in the device.

By installing a Reflex Tank, the pump start events can be cut by 40 – 80%
• Saving Power
• Extending Pump Life
• Reducing Noise
• Low initial cost
The Reflex Tank is easy to fit to most pumps and can also be wall
mounted. The tank can be installed within minutes and the system
can be fitted to any brand or type of pump.

• 2-18 Litres
• Bladder according to DIN EN 13831
• All vessel parts in contact with water are corrosion resistant
• Meets or exceeds EC norms for pressure vessels 2014/108/EC directives
• Durable epoxy coating
• Factory pre-charged
• Vertical

Available in three sizes 82/8/18 L 

* Contact us for latest pricing from $75.90 


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