Mitsubishi Electric Classic Multi Series

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Mitsubishi Electric Classic Multi Series 

The Mitsubishi Electric Classic Multi Series is the perfect solution for small to medium sized homes. 

While a standard heat pump system consists of a single indoor and outdoor unit, a Multi Room Heat Pump System allows you to connect multiple indoor units to a single outdoor unit.A Multi Room Heat Pump System not only gives you the freedom to select the indoor model best suited to each and every room in your home, it also enhances exterior aesthetics by reducing the number of outdoor units required.With a Multi Room Heat Pump System you have the freedom to choose the ideal unit for each area of your home, keeping you comfortable without cluttering the exterior.With Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump Technology, you also get the benefit of superior efficiency and energy saving

Quiet Operation (Silent Mode)1
When operating the MXZ outdoor unit in Silent Mode, the outdoor sound level on an MXZ 2D52VA2, MXZ-3E54VAD2, MXZ-4E71VAD2 and MXZ-4E80VAD2 in heating is just 48dBA. In combination with the MSZ-AP25, indoor noise can also be reduced to a quiet 18dBA.²
In cooling, outdoor sound levels start from an even quieter 45dBA for the MXZ-2D52VAD2, MXZ-3E54VAD2 and MXZ-4E71VAD2!

Energy Saving with High COP
Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Technology provides superior energy efficiency with
high COPs (Coefficient of Performance). For example, a COP of over 4 means
that for every 1kW of power input, you get over 4kW of heat energy output.

Model - COP 

MXZ-2D52VA2 3.84 COP

MXZ-3E54VAD2 4.35 COP
MXZ-4E71VAD2 4.35 COP
MXZ-4E80VAD2 4.60 COP
MXZ-5E100VAD2 4.35 COP
MXZ-6E120VAD2 3.78 COP

Fix Operation Mode
It is possible to lock operation to ‘Heating’ or ‘Cooling’ Mode. This is convenient in places such as rental properties.

Longer Piping Length
Piping is extendable up to 25m per indoor unit with no more than 15m in height (additional refrigerant charge may be required). Total install pipe length may extend up to 80m.4

Guaranteed Heating Down to -15°C
Not all heat pumps perform when they are needed most. Our Classic Multi Series is guaranteed to effectively provide heating on those cold nights or mornings when you really need it

PRICE: Contact us to design, quote and supply the right Multi Room System for your home 


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