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Bailey Classic Water Tank 425L




Bailey Classic Water Tank 425 litre 

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425 Litre (95 Gallon) Water Tank BT425 

Diameter: 700m - Height: 1.200m Outlet Size: 25mm 

Bailey Water tanks are built from an extremely tough but flexible type of plastic called polyethylene, which has been used in industry for liquid storage for many years. Polyethylene is food grade approved, and is the same material that is used for water pipes. All Bailey Tanks are UV stabilised to protect them from the sun and ensure long life. Bailey Tanks are extremely strong and long-lasting. They won’t rot, crack or rust. And since they’re moulded in one piece, there are no joints or weak points where leaks could occur. In addition, the colour is permanently moulded in, so your Bailey Tank will stay looking great.

Available in the following sizes:

425 Litre (95 Gallon) Water Tank 
BT425 Diameter: 700m - Height: 1.200m Outlet Size: 25mm $499.00

900 Litre (200 Gallon) Water Tank
BT900 Diameter: 1000m Height: 1.400m Outlet Size: 25mm 
1000 Litre (220 Gallon) Water Tank
BT1000 Diameter: 0.800m Height: 2.100m Outlet Size: 25mm 
1800 Litre (400 Gallon) Water Tank
BT1800 Diameter: 1.33m Height 1.4m Outlet Size: 25mm 
2100 Litre (466 Gallon) Water Tank
BT2100 Diameter: 1.300m Height: 1.700m Outlet Size: 25mm 
3000 Litre (660 Gallon) Water Tank
BT3000 Diameter: 1.800m Height: 1.500m Outlet Size: 25mm 
5000 Litre (1100 Gallon) Water Tank
BT5000 Diameter: 1.800m Height: 2.250m Outlet Size: 50mm 
9000 Litre (2000 Gallon) Water Tank
BT9000  Diameter: 2.800m Height: 1.750m Outlet Size: 50mm 
10000 Litre (2200 Gallon) Water Tank
BT10000 Diameter: 2.200m Height: 2.900m Outlet Size: 50mm 
13500 Litre (3000 Gallon) Water Tank
BT13500 Diameter: 2.800m Height: 2.500m Outlet Size: 50mm 
25000 Litre (5500 Gallon) Water Tank
This tank is well suited for house, farm or customized to be used as fire safety reservoir on your property. BT25000 Diameter: 3.500m Height: 3.000m Outlet Size: 50mm 
30000 Litre (6600 Gallon) Water Tank
Largest capacity tank available, makes this tank ideal for large house hold or farm use.
BT30000  Diameter: 3.800m Height: 3.100m Outlet Size: 50mm 

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Bailey Classic Water Tanks priced from $499.00 

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