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Davey Microlene Aquashield Max



Davey Microlene Aquashield Max Pressure Boosting and Treatment Packages

For pumping, filtration and UV disinfection, this system is a factory matched rainwater management and treatment package, with the options of tank only or mains water back-up installations. Also, may be suitable for bore and surface water treatment - subject to water quality. This proven treatment system is pre-assembled and supplied in its own tamper-proof enclosure and is simple to install.
Our UV disinfection system units include a Davey pressure pump, Microlene 20μm (Poly Pleated) filtration for sediment reduction and 1μm (Poly Spun) filtration for cyst reduction and is followed by our trusted Davey Steriflo UV disinfection technology for water safety.

> Three stage treatment process for tankwater supplies with flows up to 70 lpm
> Provides pressure boosting and control, two stage pre-filtration down to
1 micron and UV disinfection in a conveniently packaged system
> Optional fan pack recommended to assist with cooling for high temperature or
non-ventilated spaces. Easily retrofits onto existing Aquashield systems
> Provides 30mJ/cm2 at 95% or above UV Transmission (UVT)

Available in the following

ASHS60-08T Medium pressure with Torrium2 for single water source 0.76 1¼" / 1" 30m
ASHM60-10T Higher pressure with Torrium2 for single water source 0.94 1¼" / 1" 38m 
ASHS60-08RB Medium pressure with RainBank for mains backup 0.76 1¼" / 1" 30m

ASHM60-10RB Higher pressure with RainBank for mains backup 0.94 1¼" / 1" 38m

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