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Davey Rainbank Surface Pump Kits



Davey Rainbank Surface Pump Kits 

RainBank is an automatic controller for rainwater harvesting supplying water for toilet and laundry applications and can save up to 40% of a household's mains water use, helping to conserve water. A RainBank system automatically selects the water source with rainwater given priority over mains supply. Mains water is supplied when the tank is empty or in the event of a power outage.

Ideal for metropolitan rainwater harvesting on homes, garden irrigation and toilet blocks, RainBank uses patented, uncomplicated technology to providing a dependable solution to rainwater harvesting.

> Floatless RainBank models now available for surface mounted applications
> Can typically save up to 40% of water supplied from the mains,
helping to preserve our precious resource
> RainBank seamlessly switches between tank water and mains water,
supplying to the toilet and laundry and for garden watering
> Options available for installation inside the tank,
outside the tank or protected within a stylish cabinet

Surface Pump Kits (includes TOP entry float switch)
KRB1 RB2 & HP45-05 1103 0.55 40 lpm 
KRB2 RB2 & HS50-06 1103 0.60 46 lpm 
KRB3 RB2 & HM60-08 1103 0.72 60 lpm 
KRB4 RB2 & HM90-13 1103 1.40 80 lpm

Surface Pump Kits (includes SIDE entry float switch)
KRB1F RB2 & HP45-05 9003 0.55 40 lpm 
KRB2F RB2 & HS50-06 9003 0.60 46 lpm 

Cabinet Mounted RainBank
KRBCAB1 RB2CAB & HP45-05 9003 0.55 40 lpm 
KRBCABS1/20 RB2CAB & D42A/B20 9003 0.60 40 lpm 
KRBCABS2/20 RB2CAB & D53A/B20 9003 0.84 63 lpm 

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Davey Rainbank Surface Pump Kits 


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