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Davey Acquasafe Water Purification



Davey Acquasafe Water Purification

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Acquasafe® is an environmentally safe, tasteless and odourless liquid designed specifically for treating bacteria and viruses in rainwater tanks.

• The process of oxidation breaks down pathogens while the Acquasafe formula breaks down into water and oxygen.
• It is safer than other forms of chemical disinfection, leaving no taste or odour in your water.
• It also has the added benefit of treating smelly tanks, a result of water remaining stagnant during the cooler months.
• The treated water is also an unpleasant environment for mosquitoes, helping to control their numbers.
• Regular monitoring with Acquasafe test strips is required to ensure the water remains safe.

Available in the following sizes:

AS-1 : Acquasafe 1 litre - single pack - 
AS-5 : Acquasafe 5 litre - single pack -
AS-25 : Acquasafe 25 litre - single pack -

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Davey Acquasafe Water Purification t


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