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Toshiba Bi Flow Floor Console 2.4kw cooling, 3.2kw heating


Toshiba UFV10 Floor Console Air Conditioner 2.4kw cooling, 3.2kw heating

Consoles are an innovative and compact unit which can be installed on the floor or in low wall applications, ideal for under the window sills or in a low ceiling attic.With a distinctive floor heating function, Toshiba inverters can deliver powerful air flow at floor level for consistent and comfortable room heating.

Key Features:
• Bi-flow - two outlets for complete personalised air flow
• Child lock function on unit display panel
• Floor heating mode
• Deodorising effect
• DC Hybrid Inverter technology

Also available in the following models 
UFV10 Floor Console 2.5kw cooling, 3.2kw heating
UFV13 Floor Console 4.0kw cooling, 4.2kw heating
UFV18 Floor Console cooling, 5.8kw heating

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