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Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Home Ventilation with Heat Recovery

Mitsubishi Electric


Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Home Ventilation with Heat Recovery VL-220CZGV-E

Lossnay is the ultimate home ventilation system that provides fresh clean air (from the outside not attic space), removes both moisture and stale indoor air and effectively recovers heat not only from outgoing stale air but also from damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. Featuring the new advanced Diamond Heat Exchanger, heat is recovered from both outgoing stale air as well as from damp areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. This heat is utilised to pre-heat incoming fresh air so your heating system is not required to work as hard to maintain desired room temperature.

Balanced Pressure Heat Recovery Ventilation Solutions

Lossnay by Mitsubishi Electric, is an advanced Fresh Air Heat Recovery Ventilation System that captures and filters fresh outdoor air (as opposed to attic air) to replace indoor stale air for an all-round healthier, drier and warmer home. But what makes Lossnay so different from other ventilation systems is our patented Heat Exchanger, which is the secret to the heat recovery capabilities of the Lossnay ventilation unit and provides several important benefits.

The Mitsubishi Electric Lossnay Difference
Draws in fresh air from the outside not the attic
Removes stale air from the inside
Circulates fresh air without draughts
Heat recovery from stale outgoing air
Efficient heat recovery from damp areas
Whisper quiet operation from 14dB
Balanced Pressure Ventilation
Designed for modern homes that are more airtight

What makes the Balanced Pressure Lossnay VL220 Heat Recovery Home Ventilation System from Mitsubishi Electric so different from other systems is our advanced Diamond Lossnay Core at the heart of the heat exchanger.

Lossnay will ensure the air in your home stays fresh, clean and dry. And because you’re retaining the warmth, you’ll save on your heating bill as well.

Remember that no ventilation system in the market can heat your home, this is especially the case at night and on cold winter days. To accompany the fresh air that Lossnay will supply to your home, we suggest using a Mitsubishi Electric Heat Pump to warm the air in your home, providing you with a healthy and comfortable living environment all year round.

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