Regency Montrose Fire




Regency Montrose Fire

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Designed for modern living, the Regency Montrose will add ambience and enjoyment to any room. The large viewing glass with black etched edge provides an exceptional view of the fire whilst complementing the décor of any home. The Montrose is designed to fit into a custom built wall without a brick fireplace or chimney ensuring it can be featured in any room. As a slow combustion heater the unit can be controlled to maximize heat output as well as wood usage.

Standard Features
• Large glass viewing area (790mm x 310mm)
• Single draft control with airwash
• Removable door handle tool
• 5mm steel firebox - lined with high quality firebrick
• Stainless steel andiron
• Clean edge trim
• Zero clearance box included
• Low emissions: 1.2g/kg
• 62% efficiency

Optional Features
• Black 4 sided fascia
• Slim line finishing trims available (15mm x 50mm)
• Base frame kit - raises unit 300mm on sturdy steel frame
• Heat distribution kit with flexible ducting, up to 2 can be usd
• Outside air kit with flexible ducting
• Note: one fascia option must be chosen
• Note: This is a non-clean air model and can only be installed on properties over 2 hectares.

Regency Montrose Fire - From $6,999.00 Incl. gst


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