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Hunter Stoves Inglenook Dry

Hunter Stoves



Hunter Stoves Inglenook Dry

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This elegantly made Inglewood provides old-fashioned ambiance while still being astonishingly powerful. It's the perfect setting for family gatherings, no matter how many people you're entertaining, because it delivers a mighty performance.

Our immense Inglenook high output stove is perfect for the rooms on the larger side, giving a maximum output of 20 kW that’s enough to heat the coldest of chambers. With our dependable technologies working behind the scenes you’ll be safe in the knowledge that your Inglenook is taking care of your heating needs whilst taking pride of place in your living space.

Designed to accommodate large logs or a generous pile of solid fuel, it burns efficiently and cleanly. The Inglenook High Output can achieve between 9.2kW to a maximum of 20kW of heat. And you'll be glad of that especially when you hear the rain is beating on the roof.

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