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The Ultimate Guide to Building or Fitting Out Your Tiny Home

Creating Your Perfect Tiny Home: Essential Systems and Expert Solutions from Pratts

Dreaming of a cozy, efficient, and eco-friendly tiny home? Whether you're building from scratch or fitting out an existing structure, making smart choices about your essential systems can ensure comfort and sustainability. At Pratts, we offer a range of products that will make your tiny home truly feel like home.

Why Choose Tiny Homes?

Tiny homes are a lifestyle choice offering numerous benefits:

  1. Affordability: Cheaper to build and maintain.

  2. Sustainability: Smaller footprint, more environmentally friendly.

  3. Simplicity: Encourages a minimalist lifestyle.

  4. Mobility: Many are built on wheels, offering the freedom to move.

Essential Systems for Your Tiny Home

1. Septic Solutions

Proper waste management is crucial. Our compact and efficient septic solutions keep your tiny home sanitary.

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2. Water Heating

Hot water is a necessity. We offer instant gas water heaters and energy-efficient electric systems.

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3. Wood-Fires

Our wide range of wood fires provide efficient heating and add a rustic charm to your tiny home. Wetback options are also available. 

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4. Heat Pumps

Compact and energy-efficient, heat pumps offer year-round climate control for tiny homes.

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5. Water Filtration & Storage

Our water filtration systems ensure access to pure, safe drinking water. We also have a comprehensive range of Water Tanks.

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Why Choose Pratts?

Based in the Waikato, Pratts offers products specifically designed for tiny homes. Our expert trade team, including plumbers, drainlayers, gas fitters, and approved heat pump installers, ensures top-notch installations. We source the best quality, trusted products for durability and efficiency.

Building or fitting out a tiny home? We can help with septic solutions, water heating, wood-fires, heat pumps, water filtration, water storage & more. 

Contact our team for expert advise on the best products for your Waikato tiny home. 


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