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​Carrier Mid Static Ducted Heat Pump 4 BDM Package



Carrier 53QSM090 9.3 kw Mid Static Ducted Heat Pump - 4 BDM Room Package 

Carrier ducted air conditioners are a discreet and effective heating and cooling solution for your home. Carrier ducted air conditioners not only offer premium ducted air conditioning but with their inverter-ducted technology, you will notice a difference in not only comfort but air quality too. All Carrier ducted air conditioning systems include DC Inverter technology balanced with efficiency levels to give you a comfortable heating and cooling solution and are backed by Carrier’s 7 Year manufacturer warranty: The best warranty in New Zealand. 

The Carrier mid static ducted unit will fit most ceiling spaces making it ideal for smaller homes or as a bedroom heating & cooling solution for larger homes or commercial buildings with small offices. These units have a compact design to allow for a perfectly concealed installation. Easy to use and maintain, these units provide both a quiet and efficient solution to any small space.

The Carrier 53QSM090 Mid Static Ducted Heat Pump 9.3kw Heating 8.7kw Cooling  is an ideal heating and cooling solution for 4 bedrooms (or 3 bedrooms + office) or commercial buildings with 4 small offices. 

Controls: Features and Benefits 

  • Wired Controller - controller is secured to the wall - never lose the controller again! 
  • Weekly Schedule Timer - convenient for setting different schedules on weekends and weekdays
  • Fan Speed - 3 fan speeds Low/Medium/High 
  • Sleep Mode - This function enables the heat pump to automatically increase (cooling) or decrease (heating) 1degree per hour for the first two hours, then hold steady for the next 5 hours, after that it will switch off. This maintains both energy saving and comfort in night operation. 
  • Set Temperature Range - Set the minimum and maximum limit for each type of operation including heat and cool to cover for variances in weather. 
  • Large Buttons - for simple and easy operation 
  • Lock Function - Locks the controller so the temperature is stable and unable to be changed, resulting in a constant temperature with no variations

4 Bedroom Package includes the following 

  • 4 x 200mm diffusers
  • 4 x 200mm 6m insulated flexi-duct 
  • 1 x 450mm square hinged filter grill 
  • 1 x 450 - 400mm square to round adapter
  • 1 x 400mm insulated 6m insulated flexi-duct 
  • 1 x supply plenum (4 x 200mm sipgots)
  • 1 x return plenum (1 x 400mm spigot) 

Packages include supply, installation and commissioning of the unit including up to 10m pipe run.


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