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IQAW10 Air-to-water Inverter HP 2.61 - 11.79 kw



IQAW10 Air to water Inverter HP with output range 2.61 - 11.79 kw

Eco Friendly Next Generation heating solutions for Kiwi Homes

Air to water HPs are future of heating systems. The IQ Eco+Logic inverter is, one of the most efficient heating & hot water HPs available. Presenting Impressive configuration flexibility & providing high COP efficiency, with an ever important low carbon footprint. Highly efficient heating output to Under-floor heating, Radiators or a combination of both, and your hot water too! 

How it works

By taking low grade energy from ambient outdoor air and compressing it to heat up liquid
refrigerant. This becomes a hot gas which is then used to transfer heat into the water used
to heat your home and hot water supply.

  • Outstanding performance at low temperature
  • Eco+ Logic HPs can maintain output right down to -15 Degrees.

Weather compensation

Eco+Logic includes advanced weather compensation. This system constantly monitors
the outdoor temperature and adjusts the HP heating output to take full advantage of this
to maintain maximum comfort and optimum efficiency.

Domestic Hot water management

Many other combined heating and hot water heat pumps provide input to heat domestic hot water but importantly not all will effectively manage the additional input requirements from the cylinder element.

Unsurpassed efficiency

The IQ AW 10 is a high performing Heat pump built for dependability with unique features for New Zealand's homes . Super efficient performance and greater system configuration flexibility than many of the other contenders.
This is a class leading appliance with extremely quiet operation.


  • IQ AW 10V *Output range 3.72 to 12.38Kw 
  • Height / Width / depth / Weight 1213 x 1100 x 460 / 109Kg
  • Sound Pressure level @ 1m (dBA) @A7/35 - 51 At nominal load 
  • Operating temperature range -15/+35
  • 5 year warranty, when installed used and maintained as prescribed in the manual.
    Excludes service parts and Circulating pumps 

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