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Bonaire Gas Ducted Home Systems



Bonaire Gas Ducted Home Systems

If you are considering home heating options, then we would like to recommend the Bonaire gas ducted central heating system. With the ability to heat your whole house in just ten minutes, and control the temperature in four zones independently, Bonaire is a cost-effective, energy efficient home heating option with many key benefits

  • Instant heat to your whole house
  • No unsightly wall fixtures
  • Total temperature control 24 hours a day
  • Zoned heating options for individual comfort and lower running costs
  • Circulates air to produce cleaner, healthier air
  • Greatly reduced condensation
  • Fresh air ventilation and cooling options
  • Star energy efficient models available

Gas Ducted Heating

A gas ducted central heating system is where heated air is distributed throughout the home by a network of ducts, usually in the roof cavity or under the floor. Air is heated in a heat exchanger, which is heated by clean burning gas. The warm air enters each room through an outlet located in the floor, ceiling or wall.
The heated air is then re-circulated through an inlet (Return Grille) that is normally centrally located and may be in the wall or ceiling. This air is then passed back over the heat exchanger, heated and re-circulated.
With heating a house we normally required 5 air changes per hour to keep warm. With cooling, the number of air changes increases to 10. The size of the heat exchanger is determined therefore by the size of the house, heating or cooling, insulation, building materials, windows and local climatic conditions.

Benefits to You

If you are building a new house, or renovating your home, Bonaire is a cost-effective, energy efficient home central heating option that works perfectly in all parts of NZ, with many key benefits:
Provides instant heat to your whole home

Bonaire lets you enjoy every room of your home, including the bathroom. You no longer need to shiver through winter evenings with the entire family crammed into one room. The Bonaire system distributes warm air from floor level through floor vents, or forces warm air down from ceiling vents enabling fast, efficient central heating that warms your home in just 10 minutes. What’s more, it’s programmable, so you never have to get up or come home to a cold home.

A solution tailored to fit your home….

To fit your home and budget the Bonaire range consists of a range of furnaces that differ in terms of heating capacity (kW/h) and energy efficiency (NZ energy star rating).
We offer a gas central heating solution for every home with 3 models in a variety of sizes:

Bonaire MB3 – the 3 star value choice
Bonaire MB4 – the 4 star premium choice
Bonaire MB5 – the 5 star ultimate choice

When considering the different models you should also factor in the payback over a period of time – where the Bonaire MB3 will have a lower installation cost in year 1 in comparison to the Bonaire MB5, the MB5’s higher operating efficiency of 95% compared to the MB3’s 85% means the MB5 will achieve an additional 10% energy savings per annum.
Also to be considered is that the MB4 and MB5 series have exclusive features such as zone control, longer warranty and burner modulation.
The Bonaire system also features the following options:

Controllers A range of options exist from the standard slimline controller to the programmable Navigator series of controllers that can be either hard wired or remote controlled.

Grilles & Vents Insulated ducting and a wide range of attractive and robust grilles and vents for all systems ensures we meet the sound isolation and interior design needs of your home.

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