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Ravelli Rosa Wood Pellet Fire

Pellet Fire Solutions


Ravelli Rosa Wood Pellet Fire 

The Rosa wood pellet fire combines the latest in technology with classy Italian styling. A heating appliance that is not only attractive to look at, but provides comforting heat delivered quickly, distributed effectively, with modern conveniences such as a built in timer and thermostat.

  • 84% Efficient
  • 6.5kW max. heat output
  • Runs on renewable, sustainable, wood pellet fuel
  • Italian design & style
  • Push button technology for easy operation
  • Proven performance in Europe, now available in New Zealand


- Free-standing design fits easily into many spaces
- Timer & Thermostat controls manage heat and you can set your fire to turn off/on according to time
- Burns renewable, NZ made, low emission pellet fuel virtually smoke free combustion for healthy, clean air
- Automatic ignition easy to use for cleaner, faster, ‘no fuss’ warmth
- Highly efficient produces virtually no smoke and leaves very small amounts of ash
- Clean Air approved, National Environmental Standards

Fire not sold separately - please request installed price from one of our consultants


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