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NEW - Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor



Davey TankSense Water Level Monitor 

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An invaluable device that allows you to monitor and track your households tank water supply

With TankSense™, tank water management has never been easier.
When your livelihood depends on rainwater, being able to manage your tank water levels is critical. Davey TankSense is an invaluable device that will monitor and track your water resource to ensure supply is always available.
TankSense can be customised to suit your specific living arrangements and provides real time data, via an App, direct to your mobile phone, such as, how many days of water you have left remaining and alerts when your tank water levels are low based on your household's usage.


TankSense also predicts weather events, saving people from ordering water unnecessarily if the tank water levels will rise from expected rainfalls. Designed for above ground water tanks, TankSense is easy to install and simple to use.

  • Manage and monitor tank water levels
  • Customise to suit households water usage
  • Provides real time data direct to your mobile phone via an app
  • Tracks water usage, alerts when levels are running low, shows how many days of water remain

What makes the AI application possible is a combination of sensor data from the TankSense sensor, historical usage data, rainfall predictions for the location of the tank and the size of the roof. The sensor monitors the water level in the tank and will provide a historical usage pattern over time. The algorithm will learn from past experiences to increase the accuracy of when the tank will run out of water. External data streams such as weather predictions and the roof size are used to enhance the algorithm even further.

To ensure that the forecasts will always be correct and 100% reliable the algorithms are run on The Algorithm Factory. This Widget Brain platform automatically trains, runs and manages algorithms, making sure that household-specific algorithms will always work optimally for your water tank.
Please refer to the documentation for all features and full technical specifications.

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How to use the App

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