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Fujitsu Compact Ceiling Cassette



Fujitsu Compact Ceiling Cassette

The cassette models sit in the ceiling, so they are almost invisible. But you’ll feel the difference, with 4-way air distribution (which can be configured to suit your room), and turbo fan technology which will heat (or cool and dehumidify in summer) the whole room quickly and efficiently.

3 or 4 way air distribution
With 4-way air distribution, strong airflow and quick temperature change is realised when the indoor unit is placed at the centre of the room.If the indoor unit is to be located adjacent to a wall, an optional 3-eay air outlet configuration can be made to ensure optimum airflow into the same room is maintained.

Compact outside units
Fujitsu’s outside units set the industry standard for compact design, yet still deliver all the power required, with efficient airflow design that reduces operation noise.

Blue fin heat exchanger
65% of Kiwis live within reach of salt laden air. That’s why Fujitsu’s outside heat exchange units are coated with a blue corrosion resistant material to enhance durability and help extend the performance life of your heat pump

AUTG09LVL 3.5kw heating, 2.6kw cooling 
AUTG12LVL 4.0kw heating, 3.5kw cooling 
AUTG18LVL 6.0kw heating, 5.2kw cooling 
AUTG24LVL 8.0kw heating, 7.1kw cooling 

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