Hitachi RCI 4 Way Cassette Large



Hitachi RCI 4 Way Cassette Large

Four-way airflow cassettes are an economical and effective way of air conditioning open areas with high occupancy or traffic.

Motion Sensor
–The optional motion sensor will automatically adjust the airflow volume, airflow direction and temperature according to the amount of human activity to enhance comfort and energy efficiency.

Easy Maintenance
–The unit has an easy one-touch panel so the filter can be easily removed for cleaning.

Individual Louvre Control
–Louvres can be individually set in any location to ensure draft free comfort.

Low Temperature Heating
–The RCI cassette systems can supply heating in the most challenging of environments. They will operate in outside temperatures down to as low as -20˚C and as high as 46˚C ensuring you stay comfortable when you need it.

Available in the following models

RCI-3.0FSN3 / RAS-3HVNC 8.0kw heating, 7.1kw cooling 
RCI-4.0FSN3 / RAS-4HVNC1 11.2kw heating, 10.0kw cooling 
RCI-5.0FSN3 / RAS-5HVNC1 14.0kw heating, 12.5kw cooling 
RCI-6.0FSN3 / RAS-6HVNC1 16.0kw heating, 13.0kw cooling 

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