Hitachi RAI 4 Way Mini Cassette



Hitachi RAI 4 Way Mini Cassette 

At 600mm x 600mm it's one of the most compact cassette units on the market. The new panel fully embeds within one ceiling tile space.

Individual Louvre Control
–Each louvre can be individually controlled for comfortable air flow and adapted to any room configuration.
Easy Maintenance
–The unit has a one-touch service panel, giving easy access to the filter for cleaning or maintenance.
Energy Efficient Comfort
–RAI cassette systems deliver low-energy heating by utilising high efficiency inverter compressor technology. When only a small amount of heating or cooling is required it reduces energy input to save power.
Advanced Wall Control
–The SPX-WKT3 wall controller offers a fully-programmable 7-day timer so units can be switched on and off automatically to conserve power when rooms are unoccupied. Other features include:- Track power consumption- Eco mode- Sleep mode- Powerful mode- Leave home function
Rapid Heating & Cooling in any Weather
–Powerful Mode will run your system at maximum output for 20-minutes projecting airflow further and faster to cool or heat a room rapidly.RAI systems can operate in outside temperatures down to as low as -15˚C and as high as 46˚C ensuring you always stay comfortable.
Energy Saving Features
–At the push of a button, Eco Mode efficiently delivers a slightly reduced temperature to help keep energy consumption to a minimum.Hitachi RAI Series have Ultra Low Standby Power to further increase energy efficiency.

Available in the following sizes/models

RAI-E50 / RAC-E50YHA 6.0kw heating, 5.0kw cooling 
RAI-E60 / RAC-E60YHA 7.0kw heating, 6.0kw cooling 

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