Mitsubishi Electric PLA Series 4 Way Cassette

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Mitsubishi Electric Large Capacity PLA 4-Way Cassette Heat Pumps

These large capacity cassettes, with advanced airflow features and independent vane direction control, provide indoor comfort in a sleek unobtrusive design. Perfect for larger residential rooms or office spaces, the PLA Series provides consistent temperatures throughout the space you need to heat or cool.

The large capacity PLA Series 4-Way Cassette, with 3D i-See Sensor technology, wide airflow, independent vane direction setting and a new sleek design, provides consistent temperatures throughout the space you need to heat or cool. Perfect for residential rooms or office spaces. This model comes standard with a Deluxe Wireless Controller.

3D i-See Sensor
The new PLA comes standard with 3D i-See Sensor technology, able to detect the number people in the room, their positions and temperatures. In turn, the 3D i-See Sensor is able to provide the ideal temperature and airflow settings.
Sleek, Square Design
The PLA features a sleek, square design with bevelled edges that provide a compact and modern finish.
Optimum Airflow
With the ability to independently control each wide vane’s airflow, these units are perfect for both residential and office environments, providing controlled airflow to all corners of the space you need to heat or cool. Advanced control of the vanes called “swing airflow” provides even greater heat distribution, periodically moving vanes up and down.
Automatic Air Speed Adjustment
This setting automatically adjusts the air-speed to match the conditions of the room. At the start of heating/cooling, the airflow is set to high-speed to quickly heat or cool the room and once the desired temperature is reached, it decreases for efficient operation.
High and Low Ceiling Modes
Our PLA cassettes are equipped to adjust the airflow volume to match the room height. This ensures that you get comfortable temperature control throughout the room no matter how high your ceiling.

Available in the following models/sizes

PLA71 Cassette Heat Pump 8.0kw heating, 7.1kw cooling 
PLA100 Cassette Heat Pump 11.2kw heating, 10.0kw cooling 
PLA125Cassette Heat Pump 12.5kw heating, 14.0kw cooling 
PLA140 Cassette Heat Pump 16.0kw heating, 13.5kw cooling 

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