Hitachi RAD/RAC-E50YHA Ducted Air Conditioner



Hitachi RAD/RAC-E50YHA Ducted Air Conditioner 
6kw heating, 5kw cooling 

Discreet air conditioning for the home or business.Ranging in capacity from 5kW to 7kW making them perfect for one or two rooms.

Discreet Concealed Installation

–The ducted unit is designed to fit into ceiling spaces where it supplies conditioned air through ducting to required rooms.Ducted systems provide discreet air conditioning that doesn’t occupy valuable wall space and air diffusers can be positioned to fit around lighting and other fixtures.

Energy Efficient Comfort

–The heat pump system delivers low-energy heating by utilising it's high efficiency inverter compressor technology. When only a small amount of heating or cooling is required it reduces energy input to save power.

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