Hitachi S Series RAS/RAC-S25YHAB Hi Wall



Hitachi S Series RAS/RAC-S25YHAB
RAS/RAC-S25YHAB 3.2KW heating/2.5kw cooling

The premium S Series Hitachi heat pump range includes all the fantastic E Series features along with added premium features and boosted energy efficiency.

Consumer Recommends RAS/RACS35YHA
Our 3.2kW (heating) heat pump comes consumer recommended and received a 5 star heating rating.

Fresher Air with FrostWash
The S Series now comes equipped with FrostWash, a revolutionary cleaning technology removing dust, bacteria and mould from your unit for fresher air all year around.

FrostWash Technology
FrostWash technology effectively achieves a 91% reduction of bacteria and an 87% reduction of mould in your unit giving you better quality air.

Advanced Air Filtration
The S Series advanced air filtering system combines a Nano Stainless pre-filter with a Nano Titanium Wasabi air purifying filter to provide fresher, cleaner air.

Motion Sensor
The built-in motion sensor detects if a room has been empty for over 20 minutes and automatically switches to energy-saving Eco Mode. Come back into the room, and the system returns to normal.

Premium Wireless Controller
For the ultimate control, a premium wireless remote comes standard or there is an optional wired wall controller, both give you fantastic added functionality.Both have an advanced 7 day timer and power consumption tracking. You'll have complete control over your schedule and power usage.

Whisper Quiet
With the newly improved seamless fan control system, Hitachi heat pumps assure extremely quiet and smooth fan speed changes for even more comfort. At 20dBA our quietest noise level* is quieter than a soft whisper. (*RAS-E/S25YHAB sleep mode in heating)

WiFi Control
Installing the optional airCloud Home control module allows you to control your heat pump from your smartphone via the airCloud App. Turn units on or off, adjust the temperature and fan speed and set custom schedules.

Packed Full of Features
Eco mode- Sleep mode- Powerful mode- 4-way directional airflow- Leave home function- Track power consumption- 24/7 programmable timer- Quiet operation- Efficient DC Inverter system- Ultra low standby power

Available in the following models 

RAS/RAC-S25YHAB 3.2KW heating/2.5kw cooling 
RAS/RAC-S35YHAB 3.8KW heating/3.5kw cooling 
RAS/RAC-S50YHAB 6.0KW heating/5.0kw cooling 
RAS/RAC-S60YHAB 7.0KW heating/6.0kw cooling 
RAS/RAC-S70YHAB 8.0KW heating/7.0kw cooling 
RAS/RAC-S80YHAB 9.0KW heating/8.0kw cooling 

* Price includes installation, terms and conditions apply


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