Paloma Continuous Hot Water 16l - External



Paloma Continuous Hot Water - External 16L 

Paloma’s 16L, 24L & 27L External Continuous Flow Gas Water Heaters are perfect for all sized households. There is a size to suit everyone.

They are discreetly located on an outside wall, ideally near the most used water outlet such as the kitchen, Paloma’s external gas water heater systems are compact, stylish and inconspicuous. These gas water heaters take up minimal outdoor space ensuring minimal impact on your home and surroundings.

• Over Heat Limit Switch
• Water Pressure Relief Valves
• Flamesafe Over-Heat Protection system
• Flame Failure Device
• Digital Diagnostic Display
• Q Function
• Error Code Recall
• LPG or NG models available

Available in sizes:
16L - for the smaller sized household
24L - for the medium sized household
27L - for the larger sized household

Paloma Continuous Hot Water - External 16L - From $1,299.00 Incl. gstPaloma Continuous Hot Water - External 24L - From $1,599.00 Incl. gstPaloma Continuous Hot Water - External 27L - From $1,749.00 Incl. gst


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