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Hunter Stoves Herald 8 Bespoke Double Sided

Hunter Stoves


Herald 8 Bespoke  Double Sided

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The Herald 14 can be built as double-sided stove, which means both sides have doors. You can opt to have these in a double depth, too, so the fuel bed is larger.

Here's a view as beautiful as an English sunset - and infinitely more interesting than a white radiator. If you've got a big room to heat, a Hunter Herald 14 Double Sided stove is the romantic choice. The Herald 14 both come in double depth models - perfect if you want to seriously boost the output.

Since it will undoubtedly become the centrepiece of your room, tailor your double-sided model to suit your style. Customise it with a high or low canopy, single or double doors, with or without crosses. It's exactly the stove you've always wanted.

CE Tested and Approved All the stoves in the Herald 8 and 14 Range meet the stringent CE approval test requirements.

New Hunter Cleanburn Technology Cleanburn technology means that more of the fuel is ignited, resulting in an increased heat output, less smoke, and a cleaner environment.

Exceptionally Efficient Currents of air inside the stove ensure that fuel is burnt evenly and efficiently. From Wood to Multi-Fuel with a Single Movement of the Tool The stove's integral grate can be changed from wood to multi-fuel setting with a single movement of the cold handled riddling tool.

Safe and Efficient for Over-Night Burning By reducing the air inflow to an absolute minimum, you can keep the fire gently smouldering overnight.

Come morning, increase the air flow and the fire will return to life. Dust Free, Safe and Easy Riddling The riddling tool enables you to clean the grate without causing clouds of dust.

Just move it back and forth with the doors closed. Interchangeable Flue Outlets All of the stoves in the Herald 8,14 and 80b Range can be flued from either the top or the rear of the stove. Easy Access for Chimney Sweeping *

Every stove features a removable throat-plate, giving full and easy access for sweeping the chimney. Internal Lining System The new internal lining system maximises the firebox temperature, ensuring complete combustion.

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