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Toshiba Shorai R32 Hi Wall Air Conditioner - PKVG18 - 5.8kw Heating / 4.8kw Cooling 

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The all new Shorai R32 range of residential heat pumps is another level of technology that has been developed for your lifestyle today, tomorrow and in the future. The new modern design creates fresh air to better the quality of life with less energy consumption, and easier control with just one touch. An advanced technology that you can breathe, touch and experience. The range incorporates a new fresh design with smooth blended lines and rounded corners which will fit seamlessly into any interior. Exclusive to Toshiba, discreet white LEDs which dim or turn off secure its role as a stylish yet high-tech addition to the room.

One of the many attributes of the new Shorai R32 range is its flexibility. With 7 capacity sizes, there is always a model that meets your requirements.

With all models incorporating Toshiba's inverter rotary compressor technology, the Shorai R32 range of units operates effortlessly even when placed in extreme operating environments. This sleek hi-wall offers maximum comfort down to -15°C, guaranteeing outstanding heating performance, whatever the weather.

Eco Friendly Technology:
R32 is the next generation refrigerant. The R32 Shorai range of Hi Walls from Toshiba offers our customers only the best in terms of performance without compromising on efficiency whilst limiting the impact on the environment.
Shorai limits the global warming potential (GWP 675) across the board and uses a lower amount of refrigerant (36% less) than R-410A systems.

R32 - Why Use a New Refrigerant?
Toshiba has faced the challenge to use a refrigerant that limits CO2 emissions. R32 has a low GWP giving a perfect balance between energy efficiency and compliance for the environment. It also has no damaging effects on the
ozone layer (0 ODP).

Reducing the Environmental Impact
Toshiba engineers are constantly engaged in research to ensure the best heat pump technology. The amount of refrigerant used for the Shorai range is lower than its R-410A counterparts. This significantly reduces the potential environment impact while guaranteeing high performance and energy savings.

Maximum Energy Efficiency
R32 Shorai is the new Toshiba concept for energy efficiency. The heat pumps in this range achieve high levels of EER and COP. In addition, the ability of the vector control inverter to modify the Compressor speeds to very low loads makes these systems perfect to use throughout the year without weighing on the electricity bill.

Smart Control at your Fingertips
Designed to maximise your comfort, the Shorai offers remote controller functions that make everyday life simpler. It is a truly intuitive system, nothing could be simpler to use. It restarts automatically after a power failure, and
runs its own diagnostics.


PKVG07 - 2.5kw Heating / 2kw Cooling 
PKVG10 - 3.2kw Heating / 2.5kw Cooling
PKVG13 - 3.7kw Heating / 3.5kw Cooling
PKVG16 - 5.4kwHeating / 4.2kw Cooling
PKVG18 - 5.8kw Heating / 4.8kw Cooling
PKVG22 - 6.9kw Heating / 6kw Cooling
PKVG24 - 8kw Heating / 7.1kw Cooling

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