Hitachi E Series Hi Wall 3.5kw Heating 2.5kw Cooling



Hitachi E Series  RAS/RAC-E25YHA Hi Wall Air Conditioner
3.5kw heating 2.5kw cooling

Efficient and sleek design with flexible features that provide comfort all year round.E series Hitachi heat pumps offer a contemporary solution for all applications.

Energy Saving Features
At the push of a button, Eco Mode efficiently delivers a slightly reduced temperature to help keep energy consumption to a minimum.Sleep mode gently adapts fan speed and temperature to provide draft free, energy efficient comfort conditioning while you sleep.Hitachi E Series heat pumps have Ultra Low Standby Power to further increase energy efficiency.

4-Way Directional Airflow
The louvers move up and down, and left to right. This action disperses air over a much wider range to warm or cool the room efficiently and evenly. Louvers can be set in any airflow direction to precisely control your comfort.

Rapid Heating in any Weather
Powerful Mode will run your system at maximum output for 20-minutes projecting airflow further and faster to cool or heat a room rapidly.Hitachi heat pumps can operate in outside temperatures down to as low as -15˚C and as high as 46˚C ensuring you stay comfortable when you need it.

Fresher Air
The Wasabi Nano Titanium filter uses particles of Wasabi root to remove up to 99% of the most common mites, bacteria and allergens, as well as bad odours.

Whisper Quiet
With the newly improved seamless fan control system, Hitachi heat pumps assure extremely quiet and smooth fan speed changes for even more comfort.At 20dBA our quietest noise level* is quieter than a soft whisper. (*RAS-E/S25YHA sleep mode in heating)

Advanced Control Options
For the ultimate control, an optional premium wireless remote or wired wall controller will give you added functionality beyond the standard wireless remote. Both feature an advanced 7 day timer and power consumption tracking , giving you complete control over your schedule and power usage.

WiFi Control
installing the optional airCloud Home control module allows you to control your heat pump from your smartphone via the airCloud App. Turn units on or off, adjust the temperature and fan speed and set custom schedules. 

Industry Leading Warranty
An industry leading 6 year parts and labour warranty covers Hitachi heat pumps for your home and office. This offers peace of mind that your heat pump will perform year after year.

Available in the following models
RAS/RAC-E25YHA 3.5kw heating 2.5kw cooling 
RAS/RAC-E35YHA 4.0kw heating 3.5kw cooling
RAS/RAC-E50YHA 6.0kw heating 5.0kw cooling
RAS/RAC-E60YHA 7.0kw heating 6.0kw cooling
RAS/RAC-E70YHA 8.0kw heating 7.0kw cooling
RAS/RAC-E80YHA 8.0kw heating 9.0kw cooling

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