NEW Carrier Fern Series



NEW - Carrier Fern Hi Wall 

Experience ultimate comfort with the all new range of Carrier Fern Hi-Walls. This new model offers a full capacity range from 2.0-8.0kW in Cooling and 2.2-8.3kW in Heating. Carrier FERN Series comes with Carriers Leading 7-Year Warranty, a New Zealand First.

The new FERN Range offer some unique new features:

Variable Fan Speed Control (allowing the user to select Fan Speeds between 1-100%)

By using the remote control, the user can easily adjust the fan speed from 0-100%

Active Clean Mode

Active Clean Technology washes away dust, mould, and grease that may cling to the indoor unit heat exchanger by automatically producing more condensate water then freezing it, then thawing and airing it dry. It’s a robust process taking 20-45 minutes.

Stepless Comfort

The frequency of  an Inverter heat pump fluctuates during operation, leading to variations in room temperature. However, the new Fern Series with its GA Stepless compressor frequency is so smooth that room temperature variations are barley noticeable.

Sprint Mode (offering Fast Heating and Cooling). 

Like an athlete sprinting to the finish line this technology enables the compressor to achieve maximum frequency in just a few short seconds upon start up, providing you immediate and powerful Heating/Cooling.

Clever Outdoor Unit

The outdoor fan motor will rotate in reverse once the unit stops, assisting in the removal of dust, dirt and other particles which may be present outside, helping to keep the outdoor unit clean and running effectively and efficiently.

Active Energy Control offers three operating power options 50%, 75%, 100% so you can choose the power level to suit your energy needs.

Available in the following models 

53QHG020 2.2kw heating.2.0kw cooling 
53QHG026 2.75kw heating.2.65kw cooling 
53QHG035 3.75kw heating.3.5kw cooling 
53QHG050 5.35kw heating.5.0kw cooling 
53QHG060 6.2kw heating.6.0kw cooling 
53QHG070 7.6kw heating.7.0kw cooling 
53QHG080 8.3kw heating.8.0kw cooling 

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