Pratts BIG Woodfire Clearance Sale!

Big Savings on Yunca, Firenzo & Kent Wood burners!  

Thinking of installing a new wood burner into your home? 

Take advantage of our end-of-season clearance sale and save yourself some serious dollars! We've got big savings on two of the best brands of fires available in New Zealand!  We have over 20 fires to clear, including clean air, rural and multi-fuel models. 

Be Quick, stock is limited and these prices will not be repeated! 

Firenzo Fires  

Firenzo’s hand-assembled, modern wood burner fireplaces are renowned for their excellent design and lasting quality. Each fireplace is 100% New Zealand made, hand-assembled and meticulously checked before leaving the factory. Firenzo woodfires are built to  last using the best materials including a steel firebox that has been double lined with quality fire bricks and ceramic lining and robust cast iron cooktops to hold the heat.

Firenzo Bronte 
A smaller cousin to the Contessa model. Heats homes up to 150m2, 10 year Warranty

  • Cast iron cooktop
  • Fully lined fire box 
  • 18kw estimated peak output

Bronte Rural with legs, black door nuts/rails, grey tiles 
* Rural model for properties over 2 hectares
1 ONLY - Otorohanga 
WAS $3480 SAVE $696 NOW $2784

Bronte Clean Air on pedestal base, black door nuts/rails, latte tiles
1 ONLY - Te Awamutu 
WAS $3480 SAVE $696 NOW $2784

Bronte - Find Our More

Firenzo Contessa 
A generous fire for big homes. Heats homes over 150m2.

  • Excellent for cooking with thick cast iron top,
  • Wide door glass for viewing
  • Fire stays warm up to 8 hours (as factory tested).
  • Estimated peak output 23kw. 

Contessa Clean Air on pedestal, silver rails/door nuts, latte tiles 
1 ONLY - Otorohanga 
WAS $4470 SAVE $894  NOW $3576

Contessa Clean Air on platform, black rails/door nuts, antique copper tiles
1 ONLY - Te Awamutu  
WAS $4470 SAVE $894  NOW $3576

Contessa Rural with legs, silver rails/door nuts, black cast tiles (ex burn model)
* Rural model for properties over 2 hectares

1 ONLY - Cambridge 
WAS $4470 SAVE $1341  NOW $3129

Contessa - Find out More

Firenzo Lady Kitchener 
Large surface area which makes it idea for larger homes. A cooktop area, and the option of a generous hot water heater.

  • Huge firebox
  • Estimated peak output of 23kw
  • Suits homes over 150m2  

Lady Kitchener Rural  on platform base, gold rails/door nuts, matt black tiles
* Rural model for properties over 2 hectares
1 ONLY - Otorohanga 
WAS $4470 SAVE $894  NOW $3576

Lady Kitchener Clean Air
  on pedestal base, silver rails/door nuts, cast black tiles
1 ONLY - Te Awamutu
WAS $4470 SAVE $894  NOW $3576

Lady Kitchener Rural  with 3kw wetback on platform base, black rails/door nuts, silver/grey tiles
* Rural model for properties over 2 hectares
1 ONLY - Cambridge
WAS $4820
 SAVE $964  NOW $3856

Lady Kitchener - Find out More

Firenzo Viking  SOLD
Part of Firenzo's newer range of European styled woofires. Underneath it's sleek modern exterior lies the tried and tested beating heart of a Lady Kitchener. Years of proven performance and outstanding efficiency now captured in a stylish design fit for the modern home. 

  • Decorative steel top
  • Stainless steel grill.
  • Estimated peak output 23kw 

Viking Clean Air , charcoal tile (ex burn model) 
1 ONLY - Otorohanga 
WAS $4600 SAVE $1380  NOW $3200

Viking Clean Air , polished black tile
1 ONLY - Cambridge
WAS $4600 SAVE $920  NOW $3680

Viking Clean Air , polished lightning/cast tile 
1 ONLY - Te Awamutu 
WAS $4600 SAVE $920  NOW $3680

Viking - Find out More


Yunca heaters have gained a reputation for their uncompromising build quality and heating ability. Yunca is a 100% New Zealand family-owned business. Their dedication to quality and our customers, means that they still carry a full range of parts for models  manufactured 40 years ago, which are still going strong! Designed in the South Island for cold climates a Yunca fire will keep the coldest home warm for decades. 

Yunca Monte 
Monte is a stylish modern fire. Incorporating a cook-top, which adds functionality to any home. The large glass area of the MONTE maximizes the ambience only a solid-fuel fire can give, and the large door allows ease of refueling.

  • 8mm plate steel cooktop,
  • Large door.
  • Estimated peak output 20kw 

Monte Base, Clean Air,  Saffron vitreous enamel finish 
1 ONLY - Cambridge
WAS $3790 SAVE $758  NOW $3032

Monte Base, Clean Air,  Saffron (red) vitreous enamel finish 
1 ONLY - Te Awamutu
WAS $3790 SAVE $758  NOW $3032

Monte Euro (woodbox), Clean Air,  Sage vitreous enamel finish 
1 ONLY - Otorohanga
WAS $3790 SAVE $758  NOW $3032

Monte Euro (woodbox), Clean Air,  Sage vitreous enamel finish 
1 ONLY - Te Awamutu
WAS $3790 SAVE $758  NOW $3032

Monte Euro (woodbox), Rural,  Charcoal vitreous enamel finish 
* Rural model for properties over 2 hectares

1 ONLY - Te Awamutu
WAS $3790 SAVE $758  NOW $3032

Monte Leg, Clean Air,  Silver Grey vitreous enamel finish
1 ONLY - Cambridge
WAS $3790 SAVE $758  NOW $3032

Monte - Find out More

Yunca Hybrid Monte Multi-fuel 
A fresh modern design combined with a convenient cook top and the ability to burn wood, coal, lignite, or a combination of all three. Overnight burn: MONTE Multi-Fuel heats your home all day long and well into the night, firing up easily to take the chill off those frosty Winter mornings.

Monte Base Hybrid Multifuel , Saffron vitreous enamel finish
1 ONLY - Otorohanga
WAS $3790 SAVE $758  NOW $3032

Monte Euro Hybrid Multifuel, HTP Finish
1 ONLY - Cambridge 
WAS $3360 SAVE $672  NOW $2688

Monte Hybrid Multifuel - Find out More

The Oscar is a stylish modern unit, and the pre-set air control takes the guesswork out of getting the best from your fire. Just keep topping up the wood as needed, and the heater takes care of keeping the emissions as low as possible. Since it's pre-set at the factory for optimum performance, there are no user-controlled air intakes to worry about at all.

  • Very clean burning with high efficiency
  • Robust construction with functional cooktop.
  • Estimated peak output 12kw 

Oscar, HTP Finish
1 ONLY - Cambridge
WAS $1920 SAVE $384  NOW $1536

Oscar - Find out More

HOBSON is a stylish woodburner in a unique design with a cooktop that adds functionality and authenticity to any character home. HOBSON rests easy on four legs to give it a slim line look that other models do not attain.

Hobson, HTP Finish
1 ONLY - Cambridge
WAS $1899 SAVE $380  NOW $1519

Hobson - Find out More

Kent Woodfires 
Kent is a heritage wood fire brand; known for providing reliable, high quality, and affordable wood fires for New Zealand households for 40 years. Over 400,000 homes have a Kent fire installed, no wonder the brand is synonymous with home heating for most New Zealanders.

Kent Ruapehu 
The Ruapehu is the newest woodfire in the Kent  range, with huge firebox and door glass it will heat large homes up to 250m2.

  • Cooktop
  • Vermiculite lined firebox
  • 15 year firebox warranty

1 ONLY - Te Awamutu 
WAS $3499 SAVE $699  NOW $2799

(Subject to availability at branch fire is collected) 

Promotion Terms and Conditions 

  1. All wood fires are ex-display stock or burn models
  2. Full manufacturers warranty applies.
  3. Available cash'n'carry or with installation if required
  4. Fire must be paid for in full to secure - no holds!  
  5. Offer applies to fires in stock only, as described  
  6. Collection from branch where stock is located 
  7. Display fires may have minor scratches or marks, viewing is advised. 
  8. If installation is required fir must be paid for in full before site inspection - no holds 
  9. Free wood basket offer is subject to stock available at time of purchase and stock at branch where fire is located 
  10. Price is fire only, flue kit, heat shield and floor protector can be purchased separately 

Call our team for details 0800-772-887 or call into your nearest branch! 

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