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Ecocycle Wastewater Solutions

Ecocycle Wastewater Treatment Solutions

Smart Wastewater Treatment Solutions – Clever. Efficient. Affordable

Ecocycle design and manufacture leading wastewater treatment systems. Ecocycle waste water treatment systems are an example of Kiwi ingenuity at it’s best, designed right here in New Zealand for our New Zealand conditions. Clever in simplicity, their systems utilise a powerless treatment process and sustainably sourced natural filter media providing peace of mind and hassle free operation.

From residential homes through to custom commercial plants, Ecocycle delivers council approved, quiet, odourless and cost-effective wastewater treatment systems. There is  a range of residential wastewater treatment systems to cater for all size homes

Onsite wastewater treatment systems

We understand that it is a big decision to install or replace a sewerage treatment system.  That is why we choose  Ecocycle, which was designed and developed as a solution that people could trust. Ecocycle treatment systems have proven performance that is reliable and affordable. From residential new builds, upgrading existing septic tanks, through to commercial or community projects an Ecocycle solution is quiet, odourless and water efficient. The Ecocycle system takes your wastewater and transforms it into high-quality irrigation water delivered to your lawn, garden or shelter belts through subsurface drip lines.

Ecocycle benefits

  • Low maintenance and operational costs
  • Quiet – cleverly designed, no need for noisy aerators
  • Odourless
  • Reliable and proven performance
  • Low install costs
  • Energy efficient
  • Powerless wastewater treatment
  • Protects the environment and family health
  • Ideal to retrofit existing septic systems
  • Technology is fail-safe
  • Easily adjusts with requirements and variations in flow (crucial for holiday homes, commercial and community sites)
  • Accredited by the On-site Effluent Treatment National Testing Program (OSET NTP) exceeding council requirements

How the system works

The design is clever in its simplicity.  Ecocycle have developed their wastewater treatment systems locally, specifically to meet New Zealand standards. Ecocycle wastewater systems are aerated naturally, which means they do not need to use mechanical aerators as other manufacturers do.  Mechanical aerators are noisy and add unwanted costs to monthly power bills. Ecocycle are one of the very few companies who have been able to achieve natural aeration, proven through independent stringent testing at the OSET National Facility, tested alongside other manufacturers systems.

Cleverly designed with only few mechanical parts, Ecocycle systems are the obvious choice for property owners who want a system with real longevity. Primary treatment occurs in the septic tank chamber.  The wastewater is then processed through a compact Recirculating Packed Bed Biofilter (RPB), state of the art technology that delivers reliable aerobic advanced-secondary treatment. The treated water from Ecocycle’s system is perfect to irrigate lawns or shrubbery using shallow-buried, surface laid drip-lines or trenches.

Ecocycle’s Water Treatment Process

1. Primary treatment occurs in the septic tank chamber. An outlet filter ensures particles larger than 1mm do not pass out of this chamber.
2. Filtered primary wastewater flows into the packed bed biofilter, dose loaded by a tipper valve where the wastewater undergoes aerobic biological treatment as it trickles down through the biofilter coming into contact with the microbial biofi lm that adheres to the packed bed biofilter. Retention time allows, micro-organisms to react and absorb waste constituents, most of the BOD is removed.
3. Treated wastewater accumulates in the recirculation / discharge chamber and is intermittently recycled back over the packed bed biofi lter, mixing treated water with filtered primary wastewater.
4. The alternating flooding and draining from the bottom of the packed-bed biofilter causes ventilation of the biofilter keeping the air in it fresh and the biofilm aerobic.
5. When filtered wastewater enters the outflow chamber, the treated wastewater at the bottom of the packed-bed biofi lter is discharged to the drip line irrigation system or other disposal system.

Ecocycle’s treatment process has been designed and developed:
1. to avoid the need for noisy, costly air blowers which introduce air into the tanks artificially
2. using their own unique tipper technology resulting in a passive treatment system.

Combined, these features result in low maintenance and operational costs for the end user. 

Ecocycle checklist For Homeowners

  • Reliable performance and proven technology
  • Low install costs
  • Low site impact
  • Protects environment and family health
  • Handles high/low flow and variations perfect for holiday and family homes
  • Saves money on operation and maintenance costs
  • Compliance with local council regulations
  • Telemetry options available (Eversense)
  • Suitable for alternative powered sites

Contact us to arrange a consultation with our expert team to see which Ecocycle system is right for your home 

Ecocycle Residential Wastewater Solutions


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